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The Stocking Selfies Posting General Guidelines


We do not allow any members to post anything illegal, obscene, defamatory or libellous. Please also do not post nything that breaches the copyright of another, as we will not be held responsible for any such type postings.

Stocking Selfies is for adults only (over 18's only), so no pictures of persons under rhe age of 18 in stockings are to be posted.

All posted comments by the individual or individual contributor are not necessarily those of the  Stockingselfies website.Any abusive or other harmful or illiegal postings will be deleted.

When posting content or messages you therefore assign rights to reproduce it in any form to Stocking Selfies.

Please report any problems immediately by email to info@stockingselfies.com

Note: anyone found breaking the rules will have their acount and messages deleted, as well as their IP address  blocked.

Please ensure that you keep your details safe.Please therefore follow the normal  sensible safety precautions.